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Accessories & Spares

To keep an industrial process uninterrupted, it is important that its maintenance and service is effective. Swastik Machine Tools has a well-stocked inventory of accessories and spares to help clients run their processes smoothly.

Compressor Consumables

Air Receivers
Features :
  • They provide adequate storage to maintain pressure
  • They maintain the required flow rate without significant decay
  • They act as primary receivers and isolate the compressor from demand events
  • They reduce/eliminate compressor cycling
  • They allow the compressor to remain unloaded for a longer time
  • They provide backup in the event of compressor failure

Auto Drain Valves
Features :
  • User friendly
  • Full feature, automatic
  • Easy to read
  • Easily adjustable
  • Space saving
  • Reliable
  • Large scale, adjustable ‘time-on’ drain cycle of 0.5-10 seconds
  • Large scale, adjustable ‘time-off’ drain cycle of 0.5 to 45 minutes
  • Ultra bright LED to make out that power is on and valve is open
  • Soft Touch ‘test’ switch for manual override
  • Unique strainer/ball combination that prevents valve from clogging and isolates effectively for servicing
  • Ingersoll Rand signature SBV hex cap and whistle notch to alarm is strainer is being serviced under pressure
  • NEMA 4 (IP65) enclosure
  • 6 inch (1.83 M) cord with AC plug
  • Agency approved

Filter Regular Lubricator (FRL) Units
Features :
  • Body and inserts made of pressure die cast zinc
  • Filter element made of sintered bronze/ polyproplene
  • High level performance
  • Easily removed, with minimal effort for servicing
  • Made from non-corrosive materials
  • Highly adaptable range with a number of optional attachments
  • Highly cost effective

Safety Valves
Features :
  • Safety valve manufactured according strict quality standards
  • Direct swing operated, full life, full nozzle, single trim, high capacity and atmospheric discharge design
  • Adjustable blow down ring
  • Superior seat tightness
  • Best for use in reciprocating compressors, pressure vessel, air receiver tank, steam boilers, generators etc

Pressure Reducing Valves
Features :
  • Springs made of steel
  • Robust body
  • Screwed/flanged screws
  • Models meet ASSE standards (American Society of Sanitary Engineering)
  • Wide Pressure adjusting range
  • Different models available for Air, Water, Oil, Gas, Steam and Chemical
  • Temperature range of 80 degrees Celsius for Water and 180 degree Celsius for steam

Precision Vices
Features :
  • Precise machine component & bearing surface for smooth operation
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Highly safe and self-regulating in face of over stress
  • Models available with swivel and fixed bases
  • Swivel base rotates 360 degrees and can be firmly locked down at any point
  • Body is made of special high grade casting to withstand any shock loads
  • Jaws are accurately machined, hardened and tempered
  • Handle made of steel whereas base and body are made of high ductile iron
  • Pipe Vices are designed to endure the heaviest pipe work fitted with long jaws, these vices will hold pipes firmly without any crushing or bending
  • Accurately machined and assured smooth movement
  • Wide range of vices for a number of activities

Milling Machine Vices
Features :
  • Prolonged reliable service that comes from manufacturing accuracy
  • Totally enclosed design prevents ingress of foreign matter
  • Swivel base of 360 degrees
  • Ready availability
  • Tenon slots in slide and swivel base
  • Available as plain and swivel vice
  • Quality construction

Shaping Vices
Features :
  • Designed to permit maximum opening of Jaws. 360 degree swivel base indexed
  • High tensile stress relieved quality casting
  • Hardened and Precision ground serrated jaws ensure firm grips even in heavy cuts

Rotary Table
Features :
  • High accuracy, easy reading of all dias with clear & functional arrangement of all operating elements
  • Good looking yet practical design. These are widely used for circular cutting, angle setting, boring and spot facing with a milling machine
  • Works as an index center in the vertical position, as well as conventional Rotary Table, graduated 360°
  • Provision for fine adjustments when setting work piece
  • Efficient lock provided
  • Worm drive disengagement is quick and precise
  • An eccentric sleeve with thrust bearing races encases the worm shaft
  • End play in worm shaft is adjustable
  • Sturdy design to suit a variety of machining operations
  • Table and base is manufactured from close grained, shock resistant cast iron that has been duly stress relieved
  • Worm and center table bush is made of selected steel

Compound Slide Vices
Features :
  • Useful on Drilling machines for cutting Keyways, doing light jobs, making milling attachment for your lathe, making cross-sides for your wood lathes and numerous other uses
  • Vice fits on any Drilling Machine

Indexing Milling Fixtures
Features :
  • Adjustable locking levers ensure perfect vibration less working
  • The base plate is splash-proof and is provided with an inter-changeable index plate
  • Clamping and unclamping is fast, Indexing is quick and accurate
  • Substantial increase in efficiency while maintaining indexing accuracies
  • Ideal for batch and mass production, tool rooms and production shops
  • Indexing Can Be carried out directly by 360 graduated collar as well as by index plate and finger

Chain Pulley Blocks
Features :
  • Assured quality pertaining to ISO 9001:2008 standards
  • Interchangeability of parts
  • Tested as per ISI procedure for 50% over load
  • Longer chain life
  • Rugged and time proven German design
  • Smooth operation
  • Case hardened alloy steel gears for long life and noiseless operation
  • Anti-rust and better aesthetics
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Anti-corrosive powder coated finish
  • Safety features to prevent accidents
  • Grade 80 load chain
  • Easy installation
  • Machined guide rollers
  • Minimal maintenance required
  • High in efficiency
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